Best Cane With Seat 2017
Best Cane With Seat 2017

This is handsdown the BEST walking cane with a seat attached that I’ve ever purchased (I found it for sale from Amazon )!  Most other folding tripod chairs or walking sticks are bulky when folded and don’t provide good support when sitting on the stool. Unlike the rest, this multi function walking seat far surpasses all of the competition. It features a comfortable grip that is easy to hold onto with a fashionable and classy hooked design. On top of that, this cane is actually comfortable to hold onto and due to the small size of the folding seat, it is extremely portable.

When the seat is folded, it offers the user the same support of a regular cane without adding extra weight. In addition, it also provides the convenience of a comfortable seat to rest on when open. I never would have imagined that one day I could purchase an adjustable height cane that turns into a chair that is also comfortable to use on the go.

“This isn’t just great, it is THE BEST!” – Alex S, Founder, NYC

I highly recommended this folding seat stool for individuals on the go, as this product is extremely convenient and handy for travel. Life is too short to be limited by range of motion or pain. Finally, you can be free to continue your daily activities and have the convenience of being able to you can rest when you need to. This is all thanks to this stylish two-in-one folding walking cane with a sturdy built in seat attached that supports up to 225lbs! However, don’t let the weight capacity fool you, this fold down stool is very lightweight and portable. I can’t recommend it enough.



Common Uses for Cane Seat

This folding walking stick a with a seat attached is extremely handy for any of the following circumstances:

  1. Doctor visits
  2. Subway or bus rides
  3. Long elevator rides
  4. Vacation / Airports
  5. Sporting events
  6. Walks in the park / on the boardwalk
  7. Any other time that you simply need a break


Cane Seat Specifications

  1. Cane Weight: 2.25 pounds
  2. Weight capacity: 225 pounds
  3. Handle height adjustable from 34″ – 38.5″ (approximate user height 5’8″ – 6’3″)
  4. Seat dimensions: 8″D x 10″W;
  5. Seat height can adjust from 18″ to 22″
  6. Comfortable fabric
  7. Tip size: 7/8″ diameter


Key Features of Cane

  1. Great Seat Cane for travel, concerts, sporting events, or even world wide cruises.
  2. Provides a comfortable seat to rest on when open, and a sturdy support cane when closed
  3. Manufactured with sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing in a tripod design with vinyl contoured tipped legs







Other times when I’ve found the folding stool cane handy include but are not limited to:

  1. When I got on the subway and there were no seats, I was able to make my own seat and sat right down. It was very convenient and handy. I can’t think of a single other device that is as practical and helpful as this one.
  2. I’ve also found it handy to have a seat ready and available at bus stops, train stops, elevators, long lines, or just any other time that I need to sit down and take a break.


Sturdy & Firm


Just by looking at the item itself, it doesn’t look very sturdy. However, if you sit with proper form the seat is extremely sturdy. What is proper form? Proper form is sitting with the handle in front of you instead of behind you. It is a bit counter intuitive because it almost looks like a chair that you’d lean back in. However, unfortunately it is most definitely NOT a chair.

Without ever picking it up, it would appear that it is much heavier than a normal cane. This just is not the case. The average weight of a cane is 1-2lbs. This device is just 2.25lbs, which is surprisingly light weight. At the same time, the device is very sturdy for its size. It is quoted to hold up to 225 lbs and there is more than enough room to sit with a seat dimension of: 8″D x 10″W.

It’s the perfect answer for outdoor music festivals or events, standing in long or slow lines, traveling around the world or around the city, and just simply resting during walks or shopping. This device conveniently folds for simple stow away on airplanes, in your vehicle or around the home.


Customer Reviews


“I recently had a leg injury and as anyone in New York City knows, it can be tough to get a seat on the subway. Just the other day, I thought there was going to be a spot for me; however, as soon as the doors opened someone else rushed in and grabbed it. Thankfully, I was able to sit down anyways, thanks to this fantastic cane chair. I don’t know what I would do without it.” – Louis F. 26, NYC.


“I recently moved to a retirement community in Brooklyn, New york. The elevator in the new building is extremely slow and takes forever just to move from floor to floor. Luckily I carry my folding walking cane with a seat attached with me everywhere I go. It is great for sitting patiently while I wait for the elevator. Furthermore, I am able to use it to stop the elevator door from closing by blocking it with the cane. It used to be that I would almost always just miss the elevator and then be stuck waiting while it went all the way up to drop everyone off and then came all the way back down. Thankfully that is no longer the case! It has really saved my legs a lot of pain.” Carrie S. 62, Brooklyn, New York.


“I used to dread going to Yankees games with my grandson. The long lines and copious amounts of waiting were very difficult on my hip. However, thanks to this chair / stool combination, I can now enjoy the game.” – Robert R, Queens, New york.



There are not many negatives to be said about this device. However, the fact that it is not actually chair is the biggest drawback. What do I mean by this? Well the main difference between a chair and a stool is obviously the backs, which allow for easy resting. Unfortunately, there is no way to rest back with this device by itself. However, if you lean up against any study wall or support, you have a makeshift back for the chair. This does make it much more comfortable and allows for longer periods of rest. A  makeshift back can be made from any sturdy and flat surface, including but not limited to: building walls, bus stops, poles, or even a large rock.


Cane Treatments

This device is best for those suffering from any of the following:

  1. Lower back pain
  2. Hip Pain
  3. Joint pain in the legs
  4. Muscle soreness
  5. Hamstring injury
  6. Arthritis
  7. Tiredness
  8. Sacroiliitis
  9. Achilles tendinitis
  10. Hamstring injury
  11. Herniated disk
  12. Sciatica
  13. Muscle strain
  14. Exercise-related injuries
  15. Tendonitis
  16. Vein problems
  17. Poor circulation
  18. Peripheral artery disease
  19. Pregnancy-related leg cramps
  20. Spine problems
  21. Any other underlying health conditions
  22. Shin splints
  23. Peripheral Vascular Disease


The Final Step

In conclusion, this is by far the best walking cane with a seat attached available on the market in 2017. I have never experienced anything better when it comes to getting this level of support combined with a cane this light.